Special Services


Are you planning to fertilize or apply seed to your lawn? Is your lawn struggling to grow due to soil that is very compact or take heavy traffic? Let us help you by aerating your grass and give it the boost it needs to improve water, nutrient and oxygen movement.


Do you need holes drilled that is a fast, accurate, clean and hassle free? Let us do just that by coredrilling…whether its Brick or Concrete…we’ll drill perfectly rounded holes in concrete/brick walls, floors, ceiling, and other structures for you.


If your grass cutting gets the better of you, because the area is just too big and a small lawnmower is just not making the cut, then don’t hesitate and make use of our services and have your grass cut for you. Our Zero turns give a neat and fast cut, saving you time and endless frustrations.


Are you in need for light demo, material handling, stump removal, trench digging or landscaping. Our Kubota L45 is compact and nothing short of its bigger rivals and the ideal machine to use for smaller projects in construction and landscaping.


If you have garden refuge, building material or access soil pilling up? We can assist you with our 4 Ton / 3 Cube tipper truck. We do deliveries and collections. We offer once of collections and deliveries or you can rent our truck on a daily rate.


We are often faced with tight spaces or entrances where trench digging needs to take place. Not to worry, with our little Mini Excavator, on rubber tracks (1.2m Wide), we can almost enter at your front door. Our excavator also has the ability to break concrete and dig holes with its auger attachment.