If you are looking for a chainsaw that is robust and delivers a long operating time, or with low end torque and less frequent or low maintenance, we have the saw for you. At TopSaw, we can supply you with world leading brands, that has been manufacturing quality chainsaws since the 1950’s and are the leaders in the market. When you purchase a chainsaw, you need to ask yourself do I need a chainsaw that delivers torque, speed and is fuel sufficient? or do I need a saw with low end torque for tuff cutting, less weight and with lower maintenance? Most important will be that you need a chainsaw that does the work properly and safe. The right chainsaw will increase your production with less breakages and downtime. With regular maintenance, as recommended, will ensure longevity of your unit.

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45,4cc , WEIGHT 4,6KG , 2,3KW

51,7cc , WEIGHT 5,0KG , 2,4KW

61,5cc , WEIGHT 6,1KG , 2,9KW