With the South African forestry industry planting some 360 000 trees every working day - more than 90 million trees every year – it is clear that the pruning, trimming, maintenance and eventual felling of these trees is intense business and therefore a pole pruner is not just an investment, but a must-have. At TopSaw we stock a variety of pruners to choose from, that is of high quality and designed to deliver easy and accurate cuts all the time with little effort. You can choose from fixed 2m length saws to a 3.95m extendable saw for high canopy’s, without the use of a ladder. There are also combination systems/tools to consider as an option which can serve as a pole pruner but also gives you the adaptability to apply them in other applications. For more details on these units please view on our website under category “Brush Cutters “. What makes these tools very popular is that they are a safer option than using a standard chainsaw and a ladder. With regular maintenance as recommended, pole pruners will give you many years of service. As with all other equipment, TopSaw carries the most relevant spares related to these products and provide a full backup service and repair facility.

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25,4cc – 5,3KG TOTAL LENGTH 2,4M

25,4cc – 6,4KG TOTAL LENGTH 3,97M