This unit should be on all Landscaper’s bucket list…. Once again as with yard tractors, the most important factors are reliability and ease of operation. Cutting grass is almost an afterthought as they are made to do just that, but with an added advantage. The Rider range of units has a unique design that enables them to articulate in the center, making them ideal to cut around trees and curved flower beds. Also a key factor: the cutting deck is front mounted, making it easy to cut under overhangs, low hanging tree branches and just a better view of the terrain while cutting. Known for its “float- deck” system, it’s also ideal for slopes, banks and contours. These units are compact but strong and deliver a smooth, finishing cut. They are easy to maintain, and with their unique deck that folds up, makes changing blades effortless. TopSaw carries the most relevant spares related to the Riders and provide a full backup service and repair facility.

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B&S 13,5HP ,94cm CUT