When there is work or a function that involves some kind of environmental risk to an employee, the employer is required to provide personal protective equipment. Not only does it protect the employee from direct harm, PPE also reduces the cost of accidents and employee down time due to preventable injuries. Personal protective equipment, or PPE, involves just about any wearable equipment that an employee would use to avoid injury while working. This can range from something as simple as gloves and eyewear for a gardener to a full body outfit for a chainsaw operator. Depending on the nature of the work, PPE is inclusive of helmets, eye protection, body protection, feet and hand protection. In addition, employers are also responsible for training employees how to use required PPE and making sure safety standards are met. At Topsaw we stock PPE that is cost effective, durable and for demanding use. There is also a premium option for lighter more breathable and casual feel PPE for extra comport.

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