Zero turns have much the same features as Yard tractors and Riders. Once again as with yard tractors and riders, the most important factors are reliability and ease of operation. The Zero Turn’s main feature is SPEED and are most suited to large open areas. such as parks and sport fields. They are called “Zero Turns” as they are able to make a 360-degree turn on the “spot”. They are generally more robust and are used for demanding cuts. Cutting decks can range up to 72”and sometimes more. At TopSaw, we are proud suppliers of the range of Husqvarna Zero Turns, a premium product with an overall superior finish and one of the most robust chassis on the market. Tuff is not at the expense of comfort. Husqvarna Zero Turns are mainly applied to large areas which needless to say equals more time in the seat when comfort and ease of operation becomes an important consideration, i.e. the ergonomics. For added safety most units are available with a roll-bar option. As with all other equipment, TopSaw carries the most relevant spares related to these products and provide a full backup service and repair facility.

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