Brush cutters are probably the most popular gardening tool, and a must have for maintaining your lawn or grass areas. We stock a large variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs that will give you a neat result every time. Brush cutters come in either a straight or curved shaved, also you have the choice of a bull or loop handle system. Brush cutters can be used to maintain small and large areas of grass, trimming of edges or even areas where tall grass and weeds need to be cleared. On our larger models, they can be applied to clear plots or cut small trees with a diameter of up to (2”)50mm. With regular maintenance as recommended, Brush cutters and trimmers will give you many years of service. As with all other equipment, TopSaw carries the most relevant spares related to these products and provide a full backup service and repair facility.

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27,2cc , WEIGHT 4,1KG

29,8cc ,WEIGHT 7,4KG

41,5cc ,WEIGHT 8,0KG

40,2cc ,WEIGHT 6,3KG

38,9cc ,WEIGHT 7,9KG

50,6cc ,WEIGHT 8,6KG

40,2cc ,WEIGHT 8,0KG

45,7cc ,WEIGHT 8,7KG